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559 Candidates Invited By Saskatchewan in Express Entry and Other Category

Invitations reach three-week total of 1,938 with October 8 draw Saskatchewan provincial nomination invitation round.

On October 8th, Saskatchewan Province has held its third invitation round in three weeks by inviting 559 candidates in the Express Entry and Occupation In-Demand categories to apply and seek the provincial nomination for permanent residence in Canada.

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program rolled out invitations to potential immigrants following a schedule of every week after the expansion of the eligible occupations list under the Express Entry as well as Occupation In-Demand sub-categories on Sep 18th. So far it has issued 1,938 invitations in these sub-categories in three draws.

The eligibility Requirements are one year work experience in eligible occupations relevant to the field of study in both the Occupation In-Demand and Express Entry sub-categories.

Neither the Saskatchewan job offer nor the work experience in Canada is required.

After its decision to do away with the In-Demand Occupation List in SINP and opting for the Excluded Occupation List the number of professions eligible now stand at 218. Also in the three draws after dropping the list there is a targeting of candidates having work experience in many occupations.

Candidates that were chosen on October 8th had work experience in these 15 National Occupation Classification occupations, with their respective codes:

  • Financial Managers as per the NOC 0111
  • Human Resource Managers as per the NOC 0112
  • Other Administrative Services Managers as per the NOC 0114
  • Banking Credit/Other Investment Managers as per the NOC 0122
  • Managers in Agriculture as per the NOC 0821
  • Other Financial Officers as per the NOC 1114
  • Administrative Officers as per the NOC 1221
  • Administrative Assistants as per the NOC 1221
  • Accounting Technicians/Bookkeepers as per the NOC 1311
  • Information Systems Analysts /Consultants as per the NOC 2171
  • Database Analysts/Data Administrators as per the NOC 2172
  • Computer Programmers/Interactive Media Developers as per the NOC 2174
  • Architectural Technologists/Technicians as per the NOC 2251
  • Financial Sales Representatives as per the NOC 6235
  • Bakers as per the NOC 6332

Automotive service technicians, truck mechanics, bus mechanics, mechanical repairs as per the NOC 7321

Prior to Oct 8th major draws were held on Oct 2nd and Sep 25th. On October 2 totally 610 invitations were issued and on September 25th 769 invitations were issued.

The invitees get 60 days for applying to get provincial nomination for PR in Canada. A Saskatchewan nomination effectively guarantees the candidates the opportunity to apply for PR.

Express Entry in Saskatchewan

Express Entry sub-category in Saskatchewan is linked to the system of federal Express Entry. The system administers the candidates’ profiles for three main immigration programs of Canada:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program,
  • Canadian Experience Class,
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program

Additionally among the 559 candidates that were invited to apply on Oct 8th, 231 belonged to the Express Entry who had registered the profile in Expression of Interest with SINP.  Moreover these profiles get a rank based on the unique point grid, after considering connections to the province, work experience, and language abilities in English/French.

The EOI score of the lowest-ranked candidate Express Entry in this draw was 69.

Additionally, the successful candidates receiving the SINP nomination also receive 600 additional points in the CRS score.

Occupation In-Demand

Many candidates that were invited in the Oct. 8th draw  belonged to the sub-category of Occupation In-Demand, that was not aligned with the system of Express Entry.

All skilled and eligible workers having a respectable experience in eligible occupations and also meeting other obligations get invited in the stream. There is no requirement of a job offer. Creating an EOI profile is necessary for consideration here.

Candidates in both sub-categories needed an EOI profile in the Program’s system. The minimum score requirement was 69.

We bring all the relevant details of such draws and our patrons can contact us.

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