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Alberta has a plan to create New Immigration Programs

Alberta province has a plan for creating two new immigration programs that will allow the entry of 10,000 immigrants in the region. There is a focus on entrepreneurs willing to settle in rural areas. The proposal for these programs has come from the UCP. It will materialize if this party wins in the ensuing elections.

Alberta Needs Immigrants

As per Jason Kenney, the UCP leader, there is an impact on immigration to the province currently because of backlogs and also owing to slow processing time. He feels that the province can attract many foreign talents and newcomers among the entrepreneurs and also encourage their settlement in rural areas.  Additionally, there is a decline in the rural population. These factors are the reason behind this proposal. He also believes that 10,000 new immigrants to the province annually will help in reinvigorating the economy and present new businesses, and innovation apart from skilled labor. Alberta has an immigrant nominee program with the aim to attract and retain overseas laborers to the province who possess the skills and experience necessary for the region. The federal government annually assigns a quota for this program which is 5,000 positions for the present year.

New Alberta Rural Pilot Program

Furthermore, after the success of the new Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot, the Party aims to create a specific rural immigration program for the province. Alberta has popular cities, like Edmonton and Calgary but struggles to maintain growth in population in the rural communities. 10% of permanent resident here opt to settle in rural areas. Moreover, many immigrants settle in Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Wood Buffalo, and Grande Prairie. Additionally, the proposed Rural Immigration Program will need the active participation of the rural communities. There will be a partnership by the community and the fresh arrivals. The community will issue referrals for helping the deserving immigrants to get a provincial nomination for PR.  The role of the local communities will for the following aspects:
  • Helping employers in sharing local employment opportunities;
  • Recruiting such applicants who meet the needs of the province;
  • Recommending the names of applicants eligible to apply for PR, and finally
  • Helping newcomers to access community services like healthcare, housing, public transportation; and education.
Calgary will accept more immigrants in these new immigration programs

New Rural Entrepreneur Category

The UCP has a plan to launch a fresh Entrepreneur program specific to newcomers for starting a business in the rural communities. the province is blessed with farmlands and natural resources and also provides many opportunities for immigrants. Moreover, they can start a business or invest in it in the area. The requirement in this program will be to own a majority in the business they intend to start/invest. Additionally, the program is likely to attract 2,000 immigrants to rural communities. The details will come out after consultation with the municipalities, and relevant agencies to help the program to address the needs of the province. It will also bring economic benefit to the province significantly.

Reasons to move to Alberta

  • Alberta is a sunny province, and also has a high income accompanied by a low cost of living. Families on an average earn $92,800 CAD annually. This is above the national standard ($78,400).
  • Moreover, there is no health-care premium, and provincial sales tax to pay. Hence the families have ease of living a comfortable life.
  • Alberta also has diverse communities.
  • There are many cities and small towns. The natural landscape is a great sight to observe.
  • There is Banff National Park and the Canadian Rockies and finally,
  • The province boasts of free healthcare services and free public school education (primary and secondary). We present such topical reports and you can contact us for any details.
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