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Alberta introduces new Express Entry and Alberta Opportunity streams

Alberta Province has unveiled the stream linked to Express Entry and the Self-Employed Farmer Stream. These streams were originally planned for issuing in January, but the authorities delayed the introduction. The Express Entry Stream will permit the province to invite select candidates, in the federal pool, and seek provincial nomination. Candidates showing a strong tie, with the province, and those who support the development agenda and diversification priorities of the government, get the invitation to apply. The federal E.E. system administers candidates in three main economic immigration classes. These are the

  • Federal Skilled Worker Class,
  • The Federal Skilled Trades Class
  • The Canadian Experience Class
A candidate in the pool, receiving the nomination, from a Canadian province, gets 600 more points in the C.R.S., and also gets the priority, to receive the Invitation to apply, seeking Canadian PR. Qualified candidates who have a profile in the pool are selected directly by the Program. All Express Entry candidates can apply seeking the provincial nomination, after they get the invitation from A.I.N.P. The initial step to pursue this stream is entering the E.E. pool. Alberta Opportunity Stream Apart from the Express Entry, the province said that from June 14th it will accept applications in the Self-Employed Farmer Stream and also in the new Alberta Opportunity Stream. The A.O.S. works outside the Express Entry, and offers a path to permanent residence for candidates who work in Alberta. Under the new Stream, the candidates can apply and do not need employer support. A.O.S. is the replacement of Strategic Recruitment Stream and Employer-Driven Stream. These streams stand closed with effect from June 14th. The A.I.N.P. also stated that applications to both streams submitted before June 14th will be accepted for the processing stage. The eligibility norms for A.O.S. for candidates are that they must be presently working full-time in the province in an eligible occupation. They must meet the selection criteria for employment and residency status, as well as for language, occupation, education, work experience, and income levels. The A.I.N.P. has expanded the occupations and skill levels in the new stream. These will serve workers wishing to become PRs in Alberta in a better way. There will be simplified processes, which reduce waiting times and provide access to all workers who plan to build their life in Alberta. The A.I.N.P. listed the purposes of these changes:
  • Simplifying  the application process by creating the Stream
  • Opening the program to all professions and skills  in Alberta and have flexibility for trade skills
  • Ensuring that workers having a personal, professional, and community link with Alberta, to get a priority in becoming permanent residents and also get a pathway to become citizens.
The A.I.N.P. has a target of 5,600 nominations for 2018 by federal government, which has the joint responsibility for immigration with the provinces/territories. A.I.N.P. has issued 2,277 nomination certificates in 2018 so far.

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