Amazon Announces that it will Open Office in Vancouver

While the much anticipation over where will Amazon open its second headquarters is still on, the e-commerce giant surprised everyone by announcing that it will be opening an office in Vancouver. It will build at the Canada Post plant, a landmark at the country’s Silicon Valley replica. The office won’t be ready until 2022 but will provide employment to more than 3,000 skilled workers. Once this office is working, Canada will have 6,000 people working full-time for Amazon from Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec. Justin Trudeau, Canadian prime minister, welcomed the news with open hands.

Jesse Dougherty, general manager of web services, Amazon, they chose to open their newest office in Canada because the country has diversity and an exceptionally talented workforce. He also mentioned that Amazon has always been successful in recruiting Canadians – a mix of fresh graduates, experienced programmers, and skilled immigrants. Dougherty himself is a British Columbian and is proud that the province is recognized globally as a first-rate global tech hub. Amazon announced the detailed plan on April 30, 2018. The company will be using 415,000 square feet of the Canada Post plant, which is around 35 percent of the total available space and converting it into a 1.1 million square feet working area.

Details of the big project

The historic site was opened in 1958 and earlier owned by Heritage Vancouver. It was sold to Amazon in 2013 and is located across the Vancouver public library system. QuadReal Property Group confirmed that construction of the project will begin in January 2019 and completed by mid-2023. Amazon won’t start recruiting employees until 2022. Employees will have corporate jobs in cloud computing, machine learning, and e-commerce technology. It also means that Toronto stands a strong chance for becoming the home to Amazon’s second headquarters and it is a good news for Canadian citizens.

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