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Analyzing The Trends In Canadian Immigration For 2020

Analyzing The Trends In Canadian Immigration For 2020

New immigration minister to shape immigration developments in Canada and here we are analyzing the trends for 2020. The Liberal Party promised changes on immigration in the October election and the minister is in the preparation mode for the immigration levels plan which will be submitted to the parliament.

  • Creating the new Municipal Nominee Program

The Municipal Nominee Program will help small communities that are struggling owing to the aging populations as well as the declining labor force.

This program will operate next to the Provincial Nominee Program, and has an annual allocation of 5,000 spaces.

  • Abolition of the application fee for citizenship

The proposal of abolishing the citizenship application fee $630 and $530 for processing plus $100 as the right of citizenship charges will annually cost $100 million. The fee increase happened in the Conservative government and is the reason for the decline in the rate of permanent residents becoming Canadian citizens.

  • Permanency of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot is a program aimed at bringing additional immigrants to the regions that face struggles owing to the aging population and a declining labor market.

  • Continuous increase in immigration levels

Also, there is a consensus already between the main parties; on this matter and as per the immigration levels plan of 2018 the numbers will be 350,000 newcomers annually by 2021.

  • Modernization of Safe Third Country Agreement in cooperation with the USA

In the first term, Trudeau faced a steady flow among the asylum seekers intending to cross the USA border at unrecognized points. This is a major issue, more so for Quebec as it receives 95 percent of these violators.

  • Express Entry projections for 2020

Presently there are no changes and alterations in Express Entry and the CRS after the election was held. Also a possible change impacting the Express Entry is the opening of the Municipal Nominee Program and it can be possibly linked to Express Entry similar to the parts of the PNPs.

  • Projections for Parents and Grandparents Program

There was an announcement on delaying the intake process concerning the Parents and Grandparents Program, scheduled for January 1st, 2020. IRCC is searching for a final solution and finding a way for making this process fair for all. In fact, there are 100,000 potential applicants for the 20,000 application spaces. 

  • Quebec Immigration - prospects in 2020

The Quebec values test will be introduced on January 1st, 2020. The province will also look into reforming its Quebec Experience Program.

  • Projections for Provincial Immigration

Several provinces have modernized and developed their nominee programs, and more progress is expected in 2020. The local labor markets are evolving and the PNPs can react quickly to these needs.

Also with the new Municipal Nominee Program expected in 2020, Canada can enhance its ability to respond to the labor market requirements in a big way.

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