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Art Student Excited For an Overseas Career
Posted on: 21 Jan 2018  |   Tags: study abroad , visa and immigration , work abroad ,

Monica Martinez, a Mexican citizen, dreamt of going to the New Mexico State University when she fell in love with the university’s art department. Back then, when Martinez was 20, she had gone to visit her friend, and she was left amazed by the artworks that students at the university made. In 2018, she will graduate from the same university with a master’s degree in photography, video, and performance. She received the prestigious Vivian B scholarship. It is given to students belonging to the fields of art, music, or theatre. The aspiring artist said that the scholarship covers almost all her expenses including college fees and living costs. Whatever she earns from her part-time job is used for hosting exhibitions because she doesn’t have to worry about tuition fees. In the last semester of her course, Martinez has a thesis exhibition, in which she plans to put up nine large photographs. Julia Barello, head of the art department, said that Martinez was an excellent choice for awarding the Vivian B scholarship. She is terrific with research. She uses technology and resources well and produces results of global and regional significance. Martinez’s goal for the future is becoming a successful and famous artist and an art professor. Because of her excellent credentials, Martinez is showered with opportunities for working around the world.

Exploring career opportunities

She got an artist residency last summer in Morocco, the Middle East to ready to give her residency wherever she wants, and free international travel in Asia and Europe. Her professor is sure about Martinez becoming an impressive alumnus of the university. Martinez is currently looking for the job in New Mexico and Dubai. Martinez was also part of a video that was created to show that the DW Williams Hall needs renovation. The video helped raise 22.5 million USD for renovating the hall.

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