Aus Tech Company Says No Talent in the Country

An Australian tech company feels that there is no talent in the country. They want the country to have more systems like the 457 visa system to bring techies from the US and other countries like India to become a successful company. Apparently, most of the techies from America don’t work in the US. The tech company’s name is Atlassian, a globally recognized company from  Australia. The company feels that you can only find the best of techies in Silicon Valley, a place where big companies Apple, Microsoft, and Google made big.

Ironically, the company is founded by two people from New South Wales University who never completed their degree. The two founders are Scott Farquhar and Mike Cannon-Brookes. Today, their company is worth $12 billion. They found the company without any experience in the field and definitely doing a fine job.

Around 250 of the company’s 1000 employees are working on the temporary 457 work visa. The company founders said that it is easier to hire senior members from the Silicon Valley rather than search for local talent. Most of the employees on the 457 work visa are senior officials in the company. It is a short term investment that gives high returns because the company doesn’t need to train freshers.

Source: ETF Daily News

Major issue for freshers

If every company thinks and acts like Atlassian, it will put young graduates in a jiffy. Graduates do experience a lot of challenges in the beginning and not getting a job to at least pay off the month’s rent, is going to take a psychological toll on them. According to Australian Department of Employment, it is harder for IT graduates to find a job than it was in 2008. It started the era of Great Recession. Apparently, more Australian countries are hiring Indian techies as well.

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