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Australia Takes Major Reforms For Immigrants In 494 And 491 Visas
A report of the Australian Senate Standing Committee dealing with Legal and Constitutional Affairs recommended the passing of a bill that will immensely benefit the visa holders of the new regional visas, provisional numbered 491 (Skilled Work Regional visa) and 494 (Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional visa).

Australian Immigration And Benefits

It will give similar access towards government support and welfare payments as available to the permanent visa holders.

In case of passing, the New Skilled Regional Visas Amendments Bill 2019 stands to amend provisions of seven Acts, like social and disability services, higher education, the definition of Australian residents and will also include visa holders in the 491 and 494 categories. It aims to reduce the waiting period for benefits when they become the holders of 491 or 494 visas, and also those that will not resume once the permanent visa is issued.

The Highlights Of Bill

The highlights of bill for 491/494 visa holders are:

  • Entitlements to Commonwealth Supported Places as well as  accessing student government loans if they undertake a higher education as a big part of  the  bridging course; and Accessing Fair Entitlements
  • Issuing a Guarantee allowing the employees to claim for an unpaid entitlement when they lose the job owing to   bankruptcy or liquidation of the employing business,

Additionally, the Home Affairs Department confirmed in the report, regarding accessing Medicare by 491/494 visa holders and a power of purchasing property, after applying and receiving approval of overseas investment prior to purchase of residential real estate in the country.

Regarding the issue of education, the legislation is not covering access to social services offered by states and territories, like open and free access to state schools benefitting the children holding both these visas.

Regional Disparities In Australia Immigration

There is variance among the states and territories and within the schools resulting in the applicants having children to research further regarding the choices in places to settle.

The new visas are presently subject to the disallowance motion when placed in Senate, and in case of passing both the visas will not commence, but remain doubtful because the opposition supports these visas.

The aim of this bill is to offer an incentive to the skilled migrants further for settling in regional areas. The government has to decide regarding the regional areas.


There is a demand from the Gold Coast as they will miss to attract global students owing to the fact that the Gold Coast is not a regional area, as there is an issue of employer sponsored nominations, plus the extra points for visas in General Skilled Migration to study in  educational Institutions of regional having low populated demographics. The fate of the bill will be decided by the House of Representatives.

We will bring all the changes in these visa categories and inform our patrons. Please contact us.

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