Australia – the GSM update for the present Program Year

Later this week, Immigration SA will publish a revised and expanded occupation list for the Program Year 2018-19. It will also cover the topic of re-opening the 489/190 application system.

Here is the update of requirements of skilled nomination and international graduates of South Australia. It also covers the waivers. It is important for the candidates to review the requirements before submitting the application.

We present the details of changes in state nomination requirements in the General Skilled Migration below. These will apply to all applicants who submit their cases when the system re-opens.

High points

The policy of offering high point’s pathway for applicants in the list of 469 occupations will continue in South Australia. This is applicable to candidates who score a minimum of 80 points in the point’s test of Home Affairs Department. Through this category, the State aims to attract high quality applicants who have a top level in English, and also possess substantial work experience and high qualification levels. There is a quota allotment in the high point’s category and in the program year, there is a likelihood of increasing requirement of minimum and hence some specific occupations might be closed for high point’s nomination.

Chain migration

The chain migration pathway, providing access to a broad occupation list, is presently available for state nomination to get the provisional 489 visa.  The immediate family member must reside in South Australia for at least 24 months. This individual can be a Citizen of Australia, a PR or a provisional visa holder of South Australian state nomination 489 category.

International graduates of South Australia

In order to meet the norms of work experience, international graduates of South Australia must presently work for the past three months in a skilled occupation in South Australia. This implies that not just commencing work in a skilled occupation in the state.

This three months norm in work experience also applies to Vocational Education and Training and Higher Education graduates, not considering to which occupation list they apply. Previous VET graduates who apply for an occupation on the Supplementary Skilled List must have 12 months experience in skilled work in the state.


Moreover, a few occupations have a requirement for international graduates of South Australia to be working in their field for the last 12 months in South Australia. Please note: this requirement has now been expanded to include international graduates who have been working for the last 6 months in their field in a country region of South Australia.

International graduates of South Australia can get a work experience waiver through achieving Proficiency in English or attaining the overall Proficient Plus are presently eligible to apply for a 489 provisional visa.  This change encourages progressive commitment to the state because this group has not yet achieved skilled employment.  For several occupations where an onshore applicant can access a 190 permanent visa, this is available to global graduates presently working for the past three months in a skilled occupation in South Australia. These graduates, who get the waiver, must continue to live in South Australia after their graduation.

Commitment to South Australia

Immigration authorities will hold on to the condition that applicants who reside interstate are not eligible for applying seeking state nomination in South Australia.  State nomination is exclusively for the persons who really wish to settle in South Australia.

These changes will apply to applicants who have a history of working/studying interstate and intend to maximize the commitment to settle in South Australia:

  • Applicants who studied/worked interstate in the past 10 years will be eligible for a provisional 489 visa in State nomination.
  • Applicants who studied/worked in another state and in South Australia also in the past 10 years will only be eligible for State nomination in a provisional 489 visa unless they clarify regarding aligning their commitment towards South Australia compared to any other Australian state/territory.  Major factors to consider here are the time spent in South Australia, the recent location in Australia where the applicant has spent time, and the status of their activities in these locations.

The 489 visa only permits skilled migrants for living and working in an Australian regional area – the entire South Australia has the regional classification. Applicants who previously worked/studied interstate should choose a 489 visa in the application seeking state nomination.

Immigration SA provides one nomination for each applicant. In case the applicant gets a 489 visa nomination, they cannot apply for a 190 visa subsequently.


All documentation for the application should be uploaded using the online application form. Any documents sent separately through the email will not be considered in the assessment process For the 2018/19 program year. They will in fact be deleted.

In case of necessity applicants can scan numerous documents and save them in an attachment in the Application Form.

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