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Canada Awards 1,39,740 Study Permits to Indian Students in 2019
Posted on: 18 Feb 2020  |   Tags: Canada PNP , Canada PR Visa , Canada PR Visas ,

Canada Awards 1,39,740 Study Permits to Indian Students in 2019

The number of Indian students who received a study permit through the Canadian immigration agency surpassed one lakh for the second progressive year.

In 2019, Canada accepted over 4 lakh study permits in that 1.39 lakh or 34.5% received by students from  India, followed by students from China who got 21% of the new Canadian study permits. In the year 2018, Canada had awarded a sum of 3.55 lakh study permits and the newly published figures for 2019 imply an overall improvement of 13.8% over the prior year.

Analysis of Study Permits in Canada

An analysis of the prior three years reveals that while the number of students from China to be awarded a study permit has shown a minuscule drop, the inflow of students from India is constantly on the rise.

The number of students from China to be awarded study permits in the year 2019, at 84,710 was somewhat lower than the prior year’s number of 85,165. In contrast, the number of students from India to be awarded study permits has risen by 30.3% to 1.39 lakh, over the prior year’s number of 1.07 lakh. With only 82,990 permits awarded to students from India in 2017, it indicates a 68.3% improvement over the span of two years.

Canada is increasingly attracting a high number of international students. This can be connected to several parameters such as uncertainties linking to optional training programs (OPT) for global students in the US – some of these problems were settled through court intervention. Post completion of studies in the US there are also difficulties in getting an H-1B visa (usually known as work visa) for those individuals at the entry-level.

Canada allows students to work part-time basis and fund their studies and after graduation, it provides work permit (PGWP) is open for a maximum of three years (depends on the study program). Both education & work experience in Canada also helps to gain higher points below the Federal Express Entry route, if the former student wants to obtain Canada PR. To above all, job openings in the tech space are growing in Canada.

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