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Canada Govt Helps Skilled Immigrants Find Job

John Oliver, Member of Parliament for Oakville, made an announcement recently that will help foreign-born health care workers in Canada for finding jobs. Oliver made the announcement on behalf of the federal government. The program is aimed at assisting skilled immigrants and boost the national economy as well. Patty Hajdu’s Employment, Workforce Development, and Labour Ministry will be heading the program. Oliver also mentioned that the Canadian government will be investing 812, 000 CAD in the program over the next two years. The program is called Internationally Trained Health Professionals Career Accelerator and will help more than 160 skilled immigrants who arrived in Canada recently. To be eligible for the program, the newly arrived should have the right skills and education in the healthcare sector. In the program, the healthcare sector immigrants will be helped to plan their career and overcome obstacles. They will also receive help in securing professional work experience so that they can work to their fullest abilities for the labor market. The Canadian government wants to lower employment barriers for highly skilled freshly arrived immigrants by funding similar programs as it will assist them in finding long-term jobs that are meaningful for their career. Helping more skilled immigrants Ontario has had a decreasing population for the past 10 years, making it very important to have a strong healthcare sector to help the aging population. The only way to address the shortage of healthcare workers in by training newly arrived skilled immigrants in assisting the elderly. The Canadian government had mentioned the Newcomers Targeted Employment Strategy in budget 2017 to help immigrants with recognition for their work. The strategy is divided into three parts - pre-arrival, loan programs, and pilot to help fresh highly skilled immigrants for obtaining valuable Canadian work experience. Canada’s unemployment level is below six percent, and requirement of skilled labor is too high.

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