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Canada Has the Fourth Most Powerful Passport in the World Today

People currently holding the Canadian passport, have a powerful document with them in the world.

Canada is impressive

As per the Passports Power Ranking for 2019, Canada is a top country with the fourth rank. It makes travel easy for its holder, in comparison to other countries, at the global level. This Ranking makes the comparison of 199 passports, and gets the thorough results. Presently, Canadians can visit 116 nations without needing the visa and 50 nations grant a visa on their arrival, as per the Global Ranking.

Apart from Canada, the fourth ranking is shared by other countries like Sweden, Norway, Singapore and finally France, at the global level. The country holding the top position in the powerful passport segment, presently is the United Arab Emirates. Passport holders of U.A.E, can enter 173 countries, without having the prior visa or can also obtain the visa on their arrival.

Determining the Passport Index

The determination of the Passport Index as the most powerful in the world depends on the three-tier method:

  1. Mobility Score that includes visa-free, as well as visa on arrival, e-TA and finally the e-Visa
  2. Visa free portion of the score, versus Visa on Arrival
  3. Human Development Index 2018 of the UNDP is put to use in case of a tie. The Index is a significant measure on the country’s perception abroad.


The   Henley Passport Index, periodically measures the access of travel document in each country for preparing this list. There are many Asian nations that facilitate easy access and are doing well on the list. We bring such updates and our patrons can contact us.

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