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Canada Helps in Resettling 1,845 African Refugees from Israel
Posted on: 10 Feb 2018  |   Tags: study abroad , visa and immigration , work abroad ,

Many economic migrants have traveled to Israel to find financial security in the past. But these illegal immigrants don’t seem to stop coming in, resulting in Israel taking a decision to ask them to voluntarily deport to a safe and secure African country or be imprisoned for illegally entering Israel. There are 37,000 people that Israel wants to deport immediately. Israel has given two offers to these illegal immigrants, most of whom are from Sudan and Eritrea. First is - the government will provide them with $3,500 each and a flight ticket to travel and settle in a safe African country. The second offer is a lifetime in an Israeli prison. Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli prime minister, issued this notice in April 2017. Canada signed an agreement with Israel for resettling 1,845 African refugees in the North American country. Due to the 2018 Budget and many more things happening in Canada, the country was lucky enough to sign a last-minute deal for halting the deportation of these illegal immigrants. Their sponsorship petitions are in the court for a while now, and Israel is fed up that it is taking so long. Adam Austen, press secretary, for Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland, said that Canada doesn’t support policies of mass deportation. Even refugees and asylum seekers have rights as mentioned in the Geneva Convention on the Refugees Status, of which Israel is a member.

Added staff to the Canadian embassy in Tel Aviv

Italy Tavor, representative, Canadian Embassy in Israel, confirmed that Canada has directly talked to the Israeli government and requested them not to deport African refugees set to come to Canada until their sponsorship doesn’t come along. The Canadian government has hired more staff at the embassy to fasten the asylum determination process. Around 80 percent refugees belong to the working age and have five times more men than women.

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