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Canada holds the biggest 92nd Express Entry draw for 2018

On June 13th, The Government of Canada conducted the largest Express Entry draw for 2018.  It issued 3,750 invitations to apply seeking Canadian PR to the qualifying candidates who had a CRS score of 451 or above. Before this draw the largest draw in the pool for 2018 had drawn 3,500 aspirants. IRCC also exercised the tie-break option in this draw. The date and time for cut off was July 21, 2017 at 07:01:28 UTC. It means is that all candidates who had a CRS score of 451 or above, and also the candidates who submitted a profile meeting the deadline of the tie-break, were successful in receiving the ITA. The issuing process of ITAs as seen in each draw this year has gathered a fast pace. In the beginning it issued 2,750 ITAs each in January in two draws. Then it issued 3,000 ITAs each in February and March by holding four draws. Furthermore it issued 3,500 ITAs in four draws during April as well as May. It appears that the draw size is increasing owing to the fact that the country faces a high immigration target in the present year.  The admissions targets for 2019 and for 2020 are set to increase. The Government has 74,900 as its target in 2018. It will admit candidates by using the three popular Economic Immigration Classes of the EE system which are the FSW Class, the FST Class as well as the Canadian Experience Class. 2019 will have the target of 81,400 in these three classes. The data also shows that the targets for 2018/2019 are comparatively higher than 2017, but fewer ITAs were issued in 2018 as on today than on this date in 2017. The large draw size has the effect to reduce the minimum CRS score; and the timing between two draws is important to have an impact on the scores. Between Today’s draw and the May 23 all-program draw, a gap of three weeks exists in the invitation rounds. This was the primary reason for high minimum CRS score in this draw. Generally the norm is to hold a draw in two weeks in 2018. Having sufficient time between draws authorizes the EE pool to replenish, which raises the minimum score. Furthermore, frequent rounds reduce the number of new arrivals in the pool between draws. Presently the authorities have increased the draw size to 3,750 and it will be exciting to witness the effect of bi-weekly or frequent draws of this number.  IRCC is working thoroughly for achieving the targets, and there will be some changes, in the form of different kind of draws and also in different volumes of draws. A Bachelor’s / Master’s degree, accompanied by an IELTS score of 8 in each category, are sufficient to obtain an ITA for the present.  Having a relative as a PR in Canada is also supportive in the Express Entry draw.

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