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Canada Immigration: Welcomed Over 400,000 New Global Students in 2019

Canada Immigration: Welcomed Over 400,000 New Global Students in 2019

Canada had another important year in global student recruitment as it accepted 404,000 latest study permits in the last year 2019. A study permit of Canada is a document announced by Refugees, Immigration, and Citizenship Canada (I.R.C.C) that permits immigrant nationals to study at a selected learning institute in Canada.

The number of Canadian study permits announced is a separate metric from the entire number of global students in Canada. I.R.C.C has yet to publish data on the Canadian international student population in the year 2019. However, the newly announced study permit permission data greatly indicates that the population now surpasses 600,000. If this confirms to be the case, the Canadian global student population will have tripled since 2009, as it was 200,000 people at that time.

Top 10 Global Student Source Nations

India continues the leading global student source nation by a wide margin. In 2019, approximately 140,000 study permits were announced to Indian citizens, representing 35% of all study permits announced.

Chinese citizens got 85,000 study permits or 21% of all study permits announced. South Korea was at the third place and issued 17,000 study permit or 4% of all study permits announced. Rounding out the top 10 were France, Brazil, Vietnam, Nigeria, Iran, USA, and Japan.

Reasons Behind Global Students Moving to Canada

Presently Canada has the fourth-largest global student population in the globe behind the USA, the UK, and Australia.

As per the research by the Canada’s Bureau for Global Education, global students are attracted to Canada by the education quality provided by Canadian universities and Canadian colleges. They are also attracted by the Canadian reputation as an accessible and welcoming society.

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