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Canada Ranks Third Globally by Attracting 642,000 Global Students in 2019

Canada Ranks Third Globally by Attracting 642,000 Global Students in 2019

Canada is now globally third-leading destination of foreign students, with a huge 642,000 international students. As per the Refugees,  Immigration, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) data, Canada’s foreign student population increased by 13% in 2019 related to the prior year, signifying yet another year of double-digit increase. Overall, 404,000 global students viewed their study permits take force in 2019.

Canadian Global student population has multiplied six-fold across the prior 20 years. In the last decade only, it has tripled. Canadian growth is being fed by the increase in the world's middle-class population, with a higher number of students looking to pursue educational, and in some instances, immigration opportunities abroad. UNESCO says there are now above 5 million foreign students globally, related to around 2 million in 2000.

Approximately 50% Study in Ontario

Ontario province is by far the biggest beneficiary of international students in Canada. In the year 2019, it hosted some 48% of the Canadian foreign student population that is approximately 307,000 people.

British Columbia province is a distant second, with 23% of Canadian global students that is approximately 145,000 people.

Quebec province is in third place, with 14% of all global students in Canada that is 87,000 people.

Manitoba province and Nova Scotia province have high foreign student populations as per capita basis, with some 19,000 foreign students in each province.

34% of Canadian International Students Come from India

Some 56% of Canadian international students come from India & China. Indian’s consider for above one-third of Canadian foreign students. 

It has contributed to the Canadian population. Students from India approximately quadrupling over the former five years. Students from India have also profited from the Canadian government’s Student Direct Stream, which fast-tracks study permit applications for citizens of India, China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Senegal, Pakistan, and Morocco. China is second, considering for 22% of Canadian international students.

Rounding out Canadian top 10 global student source countries are France, South Korea, the United States of America, Vietnam, Brazil, Iran, and Nigeria. Among the first 20 source nations, the most robust growth rates over the prior 5 years have been posted by India, the Philippines, Vietnam, Colombia, and Algeria.

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