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Canada Welcomed a Tremendous Number of 341,000 Immigrants in 2019

Canada Welcomed a Tremendous Number of 341,000 Immigrants in 2019

Canada broke all the past records in the year 2019, by welcoming the biggest number of immigrants in a particular year. The nation also surpassed its yearly immigration goal by higher than 10000 newcomers. Indians composed about 25% of the total number of immigrants welcomed by Canada in the previous year 2019.

A sum of 341000 newcomers from different countries migrated to Canada permanently in the last year. The Immigration Levels Plan 2019-21, Canada’s 2019 yearly immigration target was only 330800. Approximately 58% of the entire number of newcomers were admitted below the economic class, while 27% came through the family sponsorship. The rest of the newcomers were welcomed below the refugee class.

25% of Canada's Immigrants were Indians

In 2019, a sum of 86000 Indians made Canada as their permanent residence and India maintained its title as the principal source nation for Canada immigration. Indians were accompanied by the Chinese, who formed approximately 9% of the total Canadian immigrants in the year 2019. The Philippines became the 3rd significant source country, by providing 8% of the total Canadian newcomers. The other significant source countries were Nigeria, the USA, Syria, Eritrea, Pakistan, Iran, and South Korea.


Total New Immigrants in 2019


1. India


2. China


3. Philippines


4. Nigeria


5. United States of America


6. Pakistan


7. Syria


8. Eritrea


9. Korea, Republic of


10. Iran


Ontario Remains to be the Most Famous Immigration Destination

In 2019, about 45 percent of the immigrants decided to settle in Ontario. It is 2 percentage points greater related to the previous year. Quebec cutting its immigration intake by 20% in 2019 is led out as a reason for the improved preference for the Ontario province. British Columbia province is the second most favored destination for newcomers and it welcomed 50,000 newcomers in 2019. Alberta appeared in third place, accompanied by Quebec.

Canada may Welcome up to 360,000 Newcomers in 2020

Canadian immigration goal for the year 2020, as per the Plan of Immigration Levels 2019-21, is 341000. As this goal has already been reached in 2019 itself, it is all possible that Canada would surpass its target this year too and it may go up to 360,000. 

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