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Canadian Election Not Likely To Impact Its Immigration System

The recent record of Liberals and Conservatives in Canada shows that they have a common approach on immigration. The campaign for the federal election now underway and people ask the question as to how the vote on October 21 will affect the immigration system. When we evaluate the recent history we get a look of what Canadian immigration system can be in the future.

The Public opinion on polling shows that the Conservatives and Liberals are tied for the lead. Through their immigration policies we can suppose that all main components of the system of immigration will be stable even after either party wins the election.

Canada Immigration and the Plan Levels

The immigrant intake in Canada will remain higher than 300,000 annually regardless of the election result. Both the parties have a record of using their power to have a policy of increased levels. There is additionally a bipartisan consensus regarding high immigration levels being necessary to ease the economic and fiscal damage that is caused by low birth rate and an ageing population in Canada.

The Conservative government has steadily increased levels of immigration between 2006 and 2015 to 260,000 arrivals per year in comparison to 225,000 arrivals per year by the Liberals during 1996 - 2005 periods.

The retirement rate is going up faster due to the 9 million persons reaching the age of 65 years retirement in the next ten years. There is a great need to sustain a high immigration level for the growth of Canadian economy.

Canada Immigration and the Composition of Newcomers

The divergence between se parties relates to the composition of newcomers in the country. In the past Conservative government, 63 percent immigrants arrived in the economic class, 27 percent in the family class, and 10 percent were refugees.

Since 2015, Liberal Party has placed an emphasis on the refugees and has increased their share to 15 percent and also reduced the share of economic class to 58 percent. Additionally, as per the 2019-2021 Immigration Level Plans, Liberals aim to maintain the present composition for the next two years.

Based on the record of governance and the public statements, Conservative Party will increase the share of economic class to 60 per cent and also reduce the share of refugees. The campaign also states they will make all efforts in safeguarding and emphasizing economic immigration.

The Issue of Settlement Funding

Both parties were keen to increase settlement funding massively. The funding is meant for services which help in the integration of newcomers in the Canadian economy/society and also imparts language training in English and French besides supporting employment.

The federal settlement at present annually stands at $1.5 billion. The Liberals increased settlement funding in 2000 and the Conservatives did the same in their nine year power.

Both parties are keen to maintain a high level of immigration and the settlement funding will remain unaffected.

No Difference on Meaningful Immigration

There is no difference on meaningful immigration on the citizenship policy and handling of asylum claims matters. As a conclusion, the immigration system of Canada will continue in the same pattern, as seen in the country before. It will increase newcomer levels and also investment in attracting international talent.

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