Canadian Express Entry for Overseas Immigrants

For any future immigrant wanting to settle in Canada, the first thing to do is to examine the eligibility and requirements for the Canadian Express Entry programme. They will examine your educational qualifications, linguistic abilities and professional credentials. Having relatives or kin in Canada along with a job offer in a Canada-based company will ease the process.

If you manage to make the cut, you need to create your profile in the Express entry system. Then, the IRCC will examine this profile. After this, you will be included in the Express Entry pool and given points under the CRS system.

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Source: Express Entry


The CRS will examine the human capital and skills of the candidate and partner. The candidates of Canadian Express entry are offered points out of a score of 600 after that. There are 600 extra points allocated additionally for Canadian education, French language proficiency, nomination from a province or a job offer in Canada.

There is always a minimum threshold of CRS scores for all Canadian Express Entry candidates. Consequently, candidates who score points equal to or more than the minimum CRS scores receive the ITA for Canada PR.

Job Offer:

The candidate’s Canadian Express Entry profile is not disqualified if there is no job offer from a Canadian employer. But the candidates with a job offer do score more CRS points than the ones who don’t. As a result, they get more preference. Some Skilled Worker programs want a job offer in Canada, and you can’t apply for these programmes without a job offer in hand.

The profile has a validity of one year. Hence after the completion of a year, candidates have to meet applicable requirements and re-apply.

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