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Canadian Govt. Announces Window of PR Application Cut to 60 days

The immigration department of  Canada has cut the application window of permanent resident to 60 days subsequent getting an Invitation to Apply (ITA) of Express Entry. Applicants earlier had 90 days to present their applications. The window was enhanced from 60days to 90 days as the division of changes in Express Entry in the month of November 2016. However, a June 26, 2018 decision on the website of the federal government has returned the window to 60 days.

Timelines to Submit Immigration Application

All candidates are getting an Express Entry ITA prior to June 26, 2018, still have 90 days to finish their applications. All candidates who get ITAs subsequent to June 26, 2018, will require to present applications in the timeline of 60 days. The application window starts from the ITA date of a candidate.

Advise for Candidates

Applicants are recommended to produce their paperwork in line so that an application able to be presented as soon as feasible after obtaining an Invitation to Apply from Express Entry. The change means applicants have a one third less time to improve their applications later getting an ITA.

Economic Class Immigration Qualification

Canada government intends to invite more immigrants through Economic Class than any another category over the following three years. The 2018 year aim is 177,500, increasing to 195,800 by 2020. Applicants are encouraged to analyze the Economic Class for their immigration plan. Federal economic immigration works utilizing the Express Entry system.

Brief About Express Entry

Express Entry is a management system accepted by Canada for its programs of economic immigration. Federal economic immigration programs of Canada are:
  • Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)
  • Federal Skilled Trades (FST)
  • Canada Experience Class (CEC)
Express Entry also incorporates applicants for some immigration programs of provincials.

The process of Express Entry

  1. Applicants access the pool of Express Entry by presenting a profile which is self-assessed.
  2. In the pool, each profile is marked using a Comprehensive Ranking System.
  3. The best profiles who are scoring more are invited to apply (ITA) via usual Express Entry draws, generally for two weeks.
  4. Applicants who get an ITA present a complete application within a stringent delay of 90-days.
The aim processing period from getting an Express Entry invitation to apply is six months for 80% of applicants.

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