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Canadian Schools are Welcoming International Students with Open Arms
Posted on: 31 Jan 2020  |   Tags: Canada Visa , Canadian PR ,

Canadian Schools are Welcoming International Students with Open Arms

Canada's post-secondary institutes are boasting about the number of foreign students coming by their doors, and few are even asking for more.

Global students help colleges and Universities in Canada to expand their programs and increase their revenues. They also help to boost diversity on campuses, improving the post-secondary study experience for all students.

Canada made it simpler for global students to pursue their education in the nation by developing its Student Direct Stream (S.D.S) to 3 additional countries in 2019: Morocco, Senegal, and Pakistan. The S.D.S program enables students from these nations, plus India, China, Vietnam, and the Philippines to obtain study permits in 20 days. Canada’s global student population has multiplied since 2012 to above 570,000 students in the year 2018.

It’s really necessary for the prospect of Canada that we proceed to increase the number of global students and they have a very positive experiences and add to the economy of Canada and society of Canada, Paul Davidson, Universities of Canada president.

Express Entry for Global Students

Many global students seek Canada PR after finishing their education in Canada. As per the Canadian Bureau for International Education (C.B.I.E), 60% of global students plan to apply for Canada PR. Canadian education can support global students in their application for Canada PR by the federal Express Entry system.

Express Entry maintains the pool of immigration aspirants for the Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Worker Program, and Federal Skilled Trades Program.

Candidates in the Express Entry Pool are provided with a C.R.S score based on human capital parameters such as age, skilled work experience, language proficiency and education. The highest-scoring contestants are declared an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canada PR by routine Express Entry draws.

Those with post-secondary education in Canada may receive up to 30 extra points towards their overall CRS score. In 2018, 25% of those who obtained ITAs were former foreign students.

Reasons for Choosing Canada

Foreign students select Canada due to its fame as a patient and multicultural society, also the great education quality offered by its colleges and Universities, as per the CBIE research.

There are a number of benefits to seeking education in Canada. In addition to receiving extra points under Express Entry, global students are also qualified for Canada PR through the many Global Graduate streams offered by territories and provinces in Canada. These streams fall below the PNPs and by the Quebec Experience Program.

The government of Canada states that foreign students who become Canadian permanent residents have stable employment and better wages.

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