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Case of immigration policies and H1B, H4 visas: Microsoft plans to move jobs Overseas
Posted on: 14 Jul 2018  |   Tags: ,

Brad Smith, Chief Legal Officer, and President of Microsoft, has stated that the company might feel the compulsion to move to other destinations apart from USA, in case the Trump administration decides negatively on worker visas. They do not have the desire to move these jobs out of the country but hope that the decision process in Washington would force them to move out. A few publications have seized upon this development with similar arguments that placed President Trump in power. They feel that overseas workers take low salary jobs and in turn slow down wages for local Americans. The attack following the interview of Smith, is directed towards the stressed H4 work permit and the OPT programs. Work permit for spouses of H1B workers is the H4 employment authorization document. OPT is a type of work permit that is available to eligible F-1 students.  Microsoft also has a plan to arrange funds for lawsuits to retain the 350,000 OPT and H4 E.A.D. overseas workmen, in the jobs, that are otherwise sought by U.S. graduates. Smith also added that these visa-outsourcing programs keep 1.5 million overseas college graduates in US jobs. The company worries about specific immigration questions which people discuss in Washington. He also included the issue of the H1B and the H4 visa. This repulse from Microsoft is a part of the series of reactions from large tech companies in America. Presently the H4 visa issue is going through a critical juncture. The spouses of H1B workers’ who possess the H4 E.A.D. allowing them to work, in an old rule, are apprehensive for their work permits, owing to the fact that the US government is fairly clear about its intentions in this region. Presently there is a tension among the 100,000 strong H4 E.A.D. community in the US  . The US tech industry is heavily dependent on H1B Visa but some people argue that companies abuse the system for importing low cost labor. Not only Microsoft but several other business leaders also, condemn the decisions and the policies of the administration regarding immigration. Moreover, Microsoft is also coordinating and lobbying with the Congress, and Senators understand the issue of legal overseas workers. They are writing to the administration but so far there is no clarity over this issue. Hypothetically, the H4 E.A.D. community has to follow the agenda notice which says that the H4 E.A.D. is on its way out. It is not published as a proposed rule, and influential industries must take a stand in this regard.

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