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CFIB Report Says 435,000 Unfilled Jobs in Canada in First Quarter of 2019

CFIB Report Says 435,000 Unfilled Jobs in Canada in First Quarter of 2019

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (C.F.I.B) has published a report stating that about 435,000 private sector jobs in Canada were not filled in the opening quarter of 2019. The vacancy rate in Canada has been escalating steadily in current years, now rising at 3.3%.

The Canadian provinces undergoing the highest vacancy rates for private companies are Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia are the top three provinces receiving new immigrants to Canada.

In many provinces in Canada, job vacancy was most vital for skilled places. The industries with the highest vacancy rates are construction and personal services, hospitality, agriculture, transportation, and professional services. Quebec manages the nation in job vacancy rate at 4.1%, or 120,800 jobs unfilled in the year 2019.

Global Skilled Workers Has High Demand

As the working population of Canada is aging, and a less birth rate indicates, soon there will be higher Canadians are going to retire than joining the workforce. The Federal government is working to reenergize the country’s workforce by performing it faster and simpler for global talent to obtain PR status in Canada.

With the plenty of applications for PR beneath the Federal Express Entry system being treated in less than just 4 months, the Immigration system of Canada has preferred economic immigration into the country. The Federal government plan on immigration levels is estimated to allow above one million immigrants by the end of 2021, majorly young and skilled workers.

Obtain Canadian Permanent Residence

Obtaining full-time work is naturally the main concern for current immigrants to Canada. The soaring Canadian job vacancy rate is excellent news for anyone aspiring to make Canada their home in the present year 2019, particularly regarding new immigrants are announced to have attained a record high rate of employment last year.

The quickest way to Canadian PR status for skilled workers is by the Express Entry system. Candidates do not require an Employment offer or any prior attachment to Canada to be victorious. Most importantly, the result of Express Entry immigration is PR status in Canada, enabling the holder to work and live anywhere in the nation for as long as they wish.

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