Columbia College Focus on Cultural Experiences in Study Abroad Program

Columbia College, Missouri, has a wonderful study abroad program that focuses on giving their students an enriching experience and cultural immersion. The program identifies it as a one on one exchange, which means the college can nominate one student to a foreign school or university and not an entire group. The process begins with the student talking to an appropriate academic advisor and then a career services person.

You have to work with your career services person throughout the process so that everything is done properly and on time. According to the college’s website, Columbia’s study abroad program is available in France, Mexico, Germany, Ireland, and Spain during all three fall, winter, and spring session. Along with that, there is also a range of short study tours and intermediate study abroad program. Each department has its own set of study abroad programs, from which you can select the best one for you. Melissia Brannen, assistant dean of students, director of multicultural affairs and community resources, said that it’s her passion for an exchange program that encourages her to help her students. She also helps them the visa procedure.

Things to remember

There is another programs for students who wish to study somewhere other than the college can spend one semester in Washington DC. Brannen said that DC is a wonderful microcosm, where you will find all kinds of cultures and people. She warned students to very careful before going for their exchange program to set up the academic program with your academic representative and make sure the university you attend transfers you back to the college and give credits for their major’s program at home.

However, most students go for a cultural experience and take any many fewer credits as possible. They choose to study that country’s language, which always is an enriching experience and always helps while getting a job.

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