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COVID-19: Alberta Province Still Processing Applications from Immigrants

COVID-19: Alberta Province Still Processing Applications from Immigrants
Immigration Applications to Alberta PNP will remain to be approved and processed, but the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (A.I.N.P) has launched new temporary rules in reply to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The A.I.N.P will now enable copies for all needed documents, including signatures copies on forms. The signatures and additional documents authenticity may require to be verified with an email or phone call.

Alberta's Express Entry Stream

The selection draws and nominations will proceed as normal beneath Alberta's Express Entry Stream.

At this time, however, only contestants residing and working in Alberta will be deemed for nomination.

To obtain a nomination, contestants must attend the following Criteria:

  • Be presently working in Alberta province, even if they are working from home;
  • Have a work permit empowering them to work in their present job;
  • Have a full-time job, paid, match the provincial minimum wage, better Labour Market Impact Assessment (L.M.I.A) conditions; and they are necessary
  • Work in a eligible profession. Ineligible professions include those in the government’s low-wage and high-wage professions in the province of Alberta, and the Alberta Opportunity Stream's list of Ineligible professions.

Alberta Opportunity Stream

Applicants who are working from home due to the social distancing practices may still be qualified for nomination below the Alberta Opportunity Stream.

If applicants are performing only a few of the job responsibilities, they may still be qualified for nomination as long as they plan to return to their normal job duties once the pandemic is completed. Those who have had modifications to their employment status due to the pandemic will have their application set on hold for 60 days to enable them to satisfy the criteria.

This comprises those who are jobless, working in an ineligible profession, working in a different profession or Post-Graduate Work Permit (P.G.W.P) holders who are working in a distinctive profession than their study area.


All nominees are expected to advise the A.I.N.P and Refugees, Immigration, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) of any fluctuations in employment, address, phone number, email, or family status, even following nomination.

If a nominee’s employment status modifies due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he or she will be granted 60 days to once again reach their employment criteria to hold their nomination. If a nominee migrates to a different province, their nomination will be dismissed.

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