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Canadian Experience Class serves as an exclusive path for achieving the status of permanent residence when a person is already living and working in Canada on a temporary work permit. They need to work totally for one year full-time employment, in the past three years. The norms are:

  • 30 hours in a week for 12 months or
  • The equivalent hours 1,560 hours in part-time employment at the rate of 15 hours in a week for 24 months or 30 hours in a week in jobs for 12 months,
Persons should also be eligible to live in the country and must not have a criminal record disqualifying them from applying to get a PR. Moreover, having these practical soft skills will provide a better chance to succeed in Canada:
  • Reading
  • Speaking
  • Active Listening
  • Critical Thinking
They are of great help to acquire necessary technical skills to get lucrative employment. Many occupations are in-demand career that will provide opportunities. Presently many persons are retiring. The N.O.C. survey has the data of the skills and responsibilities necessary for different occupations. Occupations having the skill level A pay more than in skill level B, and also need a high level of education. These involve advanced responsibilities also.


Let’s compare the responsibilities of Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses. Working temporarily as a LPN in Canada, has the following jobs:
  • Providing care under the guidance of another healthcare professional,
  • Taking vital signs, applying aseptic techniques, monitoring nutritional intake, and taking specimen collections,
  • Administering medication and documenting therapeutic effects
  • Providing pre/post-operative comfort and care
  • Monitoring intravenous and respiratory therapies
  • Monitoring patients’ progress,
  • Providing health education to patients
In case of upgrade of education/training as a Registered Nurse the responsibilities will be:
  • Assessing the patients to decide on suitable nursing interventions
  • Collaborating with members of an interdisciplinary health team for planning, implementing, coordinating, and evaluating patient care
  • Administering medications and treatments as per a recognized protocol
  • Monitoring assessing, addressing, and reporting symptoms of patients and changes in conditions
  • Assistance in surgery and other medical procedures
  • Supervising licensed practical nurses and other staff
  • Implementing Discharge Planning Processes when patients are admitted
  • Counseling patients and families on health issues
These are a set of additional responsibilities. It enhances the ability to communicate effectively with doctors, technicians and others.


These are the in-demand skills for jobs in future in Canada:
  • Active Listening
  • Speaking
  • Critical Thinking
  • Reading
In order to move up there is a need to develop soft skills. Moreover these are necessary for taking a university level course; college course; certification; or registration exams. Additionally we present a few effective tips:
  1. Upgrade education. A College of Nursing will assess education and work experience to know the competency to write the registration exam and go for practice.
  2. Upgrade language skills.
  3. Apply directly to a regulatory body.
  4. Finally, taking up the NCLEX – the National Council Licensure Examination a standard test used in Canada for the past three years. It needs rigorous preparation. It will ensure success in the Canadian Experience Class.
  5. After all these steps create a profile in Express Entry for apply in the Canadian Experience Class.
The strategy for nurses, applies to anyone working in Canada. Through upgrading the skills one can increase CRS score. This also means getting an ITA quickly. Please follow us to CareerOverseas newsletters to know latest information and updates about Visa and Immigration. We request you to take our free evaluation to see whether you will be suitable or not and it will give new options available.

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