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Election Results In Canada And The Issues Before Immigrants

Election Results In Canada And The Issues Before Immigrants
The Liberal Party under the leadership of PM Justin Trudeau has returned to assume power in Canada in the recent elections. Trudeau oversaw an increasing economy, provided many new jobs and had integrated newcomers in record numbers. We present the major issues affecting the life of immigrants and for the people intending to move there. The Liberal Party will have a minority government, which will rely on taking the support of some parties for passing legislation.

The Future

The Liberals today will need a helping hand. There is a New Democratic Party, under the leadership of Jagmeet Singh, an Indian immigrant, has 24 seats and can bargain for policy issues like affordable housing, the pharmaceutical-care, besides climate change in exchange of support. The Bloc Québécois has 32 members in the House. Presently, Trudeau will continue as the Prime Minister of Canada.

Immigration Rules And Changes Post Election

The Liberal party had campaigned for these immigration policy matters:

  • Modest and dependable increase in immigration;
  • Establishment of fresh Canadian immigration programs like, a Municipal Nominee Program, allowing small towns and cities for nominating people as well as families to immigrate to Canada;
  • Making application free for Canadian citizenship to get permanent residence that is $630 presently; and
  • Permanency of Atlantic Immigration Pilot

These proposals will be realized in the near future as per the trends and expectations.  The Liberals presently have the opportunity to make a legacy and also ensure that Canada works as an attractive destination in the world for all categories of workers, international students and families.

The multi-year immigration level plan seeks welcoming 341,000 permanent residents next year, and 350,000 is the target for 2021. There can be an increase further beyond 2021 if there is support for Liberals.

Apart from the newcomers, Canada will continue to admit thousands of refugees and asylum seekers annually.

Coalition Formation In Canada

Proper coalitions where politicians from various parties occupy cabinet positions are very rare in Canada, at the federal level. There is an approach by the government to seek legislation support for bills, or vote. 

The Liberal government in Canada since October, 2015 offers benefits to the immigrants and their families. The Canadian provincial governments have jurisdiction over education and health care. There is an additional $9 million investment by the Liberals in the next three years for helping visible minority newcomers, women and other citizens to find and keep good jobs, undertake the research, and get support in employment as per an announcement in 2019.

The Liberals have proposed regarding increasing the personal income of an individual to earn before paying a tax from $13,229 to $15,000. This will lead to some saving of family holders.


The overseas workers and global students in Canada staying temporarily can be happy that there is proposal by Liberal to increase immigration levels of skilled people who can develop Canada in a big way. The Liberals hope that many people already residing in Canada in the capacity of workers and students can become permanent residents as well as citizens in the future.

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