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Express Entry 2018 Mid-Year Report: expecting large draws

The month of June 2018, has set a record for the Canadian Express Entry system. In the first half of 2018, there was an additional growth in draw size of 36 percent. In June EE candidates, totally got 7,500 ITA s. This is in comparable to June 2017, when the total was 3,409 ITAs in this period. The system manages the pool of candidates for categories of main economic immigration in Canada which are the:

  • Federal Skilled Trades Class
  • Federal Skilled Worker Class,
  • Canadian Experience Class
During the half year ending in June, there were 13 draws. In them, a total of 39,700 ITAs were issued through the EE system. From January to June 2017 there was a series of highs and lows in the in the cut-off scores as well as in the draw sizes. Additionally, in the first half of 2018, the authorities maintained a steady and strengthened pace. Moreover, a major development in the January to June 2018 period was the introduction of draw sizes by I.R.C.C., which were the same in rounds succeeding each other. Afterwards, there was a boost of by 250 or 500 every two months. IRCC working toward enlarged targets Initially in Jan 2018, I.R.C.C. issued 2,750 I.T.A.s in the invitation rounds. Later there were two draws of 3,000 ITAs, in Feb 2018 and again two draws of 3,000 in March 2018. in the Apr- 11th draw I.R.C.C. increased the number of ITAs to 3,500, and had the same figure, for the succeeding three draws. The limit was 3,750 ITAs in June. Due to the presence of huge admission targets for the present year and in 2019, there was a probability that the first six months in 2018 would be full of activity, comparing to the  ITAs issued, in the first six months in 2017. In that period 51,285 ITAs were issued, and the minimum CRS was 413. The first months of 2018, were quieter, but the activities in June were a new benchmark. One can hope that the third quarter of 2018 will be attractive as well as exciting. Larger draws lower cut-off scores The large draws also effectively lower the C.R.S. cut-off score when held at regular intervals. The case is true when there is no increase in the number of candidates entering the pool. This will serve a lot of aspirants in the Express Entry pool, who observe cut-off scores ranging in between 440 and 456 points. Some details The draw held on May 30th was program-specific and issued ITAs to candidates belonging to FST. The score was low at 288 and provincial nominees receive 600 additional CRS points. Additionally, holding quick draws gives less time to the pool for any quick replenishment. Moreover it also lowers the cut-off CRS score. Equally, permitting more time between draws allows the entry of many candidates in the pool, and boosts the cut-off CRS score. I.R.C.C. has adopted both these strategies in the draws during 2018 twice. I.R.C.C. had three weeks period gap after conducting all-program draws on February 21st as well as on May 23rd. It increased the CRS minimum in the next draws, held on March 14th and June, with 14 points and with 11 points, respectively. Additional features Moreover, after these draws, Monday was selected for the invitation round, which reduced the interval, between two draws from 14 to 12 days. This delay between rounds reduced the CRS minimum from 456 to 446 on March 26th and from 451 to 442 on June 25th. When I.R.C.C maintained two weeks between draws, and had similar draw size, the CRS minimum was maintained at the same level, or was reduced by one or two points. I.R.C.C. conducted a program-specific draw on May 30th and attracted candidates in FSTC in the pool. The score of 288 was low, and included aspirants in the provincial nomination category also. Deep into the pool
  1. McEvenue, an official in I.R.C.C. looking after Express Entry, said that I.R.C.C. knows that talented people exist at a low  cut-off scores also. They are aiming to go deep into the pool, for achieving better results.
Finally, because of the huge immigration 2018 target, and also for 2019, it will be interesting to watch the second half of 2018 in the plan to welcome one million immigrants in the future. If I.R.C.C indeed goes deep into the pool, the measure will be a warm and welcoming, for all categories of candidates, who wait for positive news.

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