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Express Entry: Impressive Performance in 2018 and 2019 expected to be Better

The Express Entry system of Canada was impressive in 2018, and for the next year there are exceptional expectations.

Role of the Express Entry

Express Entry has the role to manage the candidates’ pool for High Skilled immigration programs. In 2018 it issued 89,800 ITAs seeking Canadian PR which is a record for a single year since Jan 2015. In 2017 it had issued 86,023 ITAs and it is likely that the ITA total for 2018 will be surpassed in 2019. The multi-year immigration levels plan of the country has an additional admissions target of 6,500 in its three EE programs in 2019. These are the: There will be an increase in issuing the number of ITAs to meet the enhanced admissions targets.

2019: Big, more and frequent draws

If IRCC has a plan to issue more Invitations next year, in comparison to 2018, there must be an expansion in draw sizes. Moreover, it will need to have more draws and hold them at a faster pace than the present intervals. In 2018, IRCC set a pattern, to increase the draw sizes. In the beginning it issued 2,750 ITAs and increased them with an increment of 250 /500 every two months. The peak was set at 3,900 ITAs.

Frequent draws

In December there were two draws taking place with the gap of only one week (December 12 and 19). When there are frequent draws happening within a week the EE pool of candidates has no time to replenish. This results in keeping down the minimum score. For more admissions in 2019, IRCC has to hold draws at an interval of less than two weeks.

PNP growth figures

In 2018 more candidates opted for the provincial nomination. Presently, two territories and nine provinces have the participation in Provincial Programs. Here they nominate a set number of immigrants, to get the PR each year. Furthermore, in some allocations there is reservation for enhanced provincial programs, which nominate candidates by using the EE system. The enhanced nomination, by the province is a valuable factor, and also results for the candidate to get 600 additional points, towards EE ranking score. This serves as a   guarantee to get the ITA seeking Canadian PR.

Additional facts

As per IRCC among the 62,500 ITAs issued in the Jan-Oct period of 2018, the share of provincial nomination candidates was 12 percent. Additionally, in the same period in 2017, it was nine per cent only. The PNP also have an admissions target of additional 6,000 for 2019. There will be an increase in the PNP target in 2020 and 2021, when admissions using the Provincial Programs will reach 71,300.


Express Entry is expected to operate at a high capacity next year also. Presently the prominence of the PNP is increasing, and 2019 promises to be a significant year for the EE system. Please follow us to CareerOverseas newsletters to know latest information and updates about Visa and Immigration. We request you to take our free evaluation to see whether you will be suitable or not and it will give new options available.

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