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2018 was a year of several important measures in Canadian immigration. There is a forecast that even 2019 will be a pivotal and exciting year. There are many expectations from it. The Express Entry system is a popular and fast route to gain permanent residence in Canada. Here we take a look at what the expectations to happen in EE in 2019.


The multi-year immigration plan was introduced in 2018. It extends into 2021 and understates welcoming nearly one million fresh persons into the country. There are high immigration targets to attract skilled employees in the country. Additionally there is an increase in the demand for skilled workers in future. There will be a huge increase in the number of ITAs in Express Entry. With a fair growth in ITA’s during two or three weeks, the chances of candidates will certainly increase to gain the selection in permanent residence.


Additionally many provinces in Canada host specific immigration streams – the Provincial Nominee Programs. They are opened and closed at varied times during the year. Moreover there are different quotas for intake through many methods of selection. These Programs offer immigration paths suiting the labor needs of a province. The trend today is of a record low unemployment. Furthermore there is impressive job availability in the country. Hence the, provinces seek more skilled workers for filling up the market gaps. Express Entry System is efficient and time-saving, and many PNPs seek alignment with it to have an easy process of application. The eligibility norm for a PNP is, first having an active profile in the EE pool.

CRS will Decline

The CRS is a tool of the EE system, to rank candidates, who apply for EE immigration. This also helps in determining the competitiveness of an applicant’s CRS to receive the ITA in the future invitation rounds. Moreover, when this system was introduced, the CRS cut-off was high, in the range of 500 points. Furthermore, there was a processing of backlog of applications. There was an increase in the immigration targets. Now there is an expectation that the CRS to get an ITA will decline in 2019. In The final draw of 2018 the cut-off was 439 points which is the lowest for the year. In 2019, the growth pattern of 2018, will certainly continue and also help the country to attain huge immigration success. Please follow us to CareerOverseas newsletters to know latest information and updates about Visa and Immigration. We request you to take our free evaluation to see whether you will be suitable or not and it will give new options available.

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