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Extension for Global Students with Expiring Quebec Acceptance Certificates

Extension for Global Students with Expiring Quebec Acceptance Certificates

Quebec’s ministry of immigration has moved to prolong the stay of global students whose Quebec Acceptance Certificates (CAQ) expired as of 30 April 2020, enabling them to apply for extension to live in the province till the end of 2020.

The move is intended at those individuals who had their courses obstructed by attempts to combat the spread of COVID-19 in the province of Quebec.

Quebec international students can now appeal to the federal government for their study permit extension without needing a new CAQ. This implies they can remain as a temporary resident of Canada and finish their program once the courses are permitted to resume.

The measure, announced by the Ministry of Francisation, Immigration, and Integration (M.I.F.I), does not apply to those with a C.A.Q that expired prior to 30 April 2020.

No fee will be imposed for the extension of a current C.A.Q. Those intending to stay beyond 31 December 2020 to proceed with their studies will require to apply to M.I.F.I for a new C.A.Q and also to the Canadian government for a new study permit.

Quebec Experience Program

Ministry of Francisation, Immigration, and Integration (M.I.F.I) says applicants who were intending to apply to the Quebec Experience Program (P.E.Q) will have ample time to provide their applications.

International students require to have been given their qualification by an educational institution in Quebec in the previous 3 years from the date of their application to the P.E.Q.

Bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degrees are all allowed, also a college diploma for tech studies or a vocational diploma at secondary level attesting to 1800 hrs or higher of consecutive study and heading to a trade.

M.I.F.I mentioned that applicants are qualified for a 3-year Post Graduation Work Permit. “The term of this permit grants them all the time they require to provide an application for Canada PR selection beneath the P.E.Q as graduates or even as temporary immigrant workers,” MIFI states.

Study Permits

Subsequently, M.I.F.I revealed that questions related to study permits should be addressed to the Canadian government.

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