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Facts And Details Of Canada Launching Economic Class Pilot Programs
Posted on: 17 Jan 2020  |   Tags: Canada Family Class Immigration ,

Facts And Details Of Canada Launching Economic Class Pilot Programs

The federal government in Canada Since 2012 has adopted an approach of launching pilots more willingly than introducing the permanent programs.

Since 2012 there is a reform in Canada‚Äôs Immigration and Refugee Protection Act showing that the immigration minister has the legal authority of introducing new pilot programs in economic class for welcoming immigrants to address priority areas in economic and labor force requirements in the country.

Many new federal class programs were introduced as a pilot, including those launched in 2019, and also two fresh programs that are proposed for introduction in 2020.

The Basis For Pilots

Before the introduction of these pilot programs the federal government had to table new programs in the Parliament. The programs were reviewed and debated, and then voted before opening for forthcoming immigrants. The process was slow. The 2012 reform was beneficial and allowed the federal government in launching the pilot projects in a quick way without delay. The pilots are run on a trial basis for five years and are authorized to welcome 2,750 principal applicants in one year. These also cut the cost of launching programs that can later prove to be unsuccessful. The federal government tests a pilot and determines whether to make it permanent, or scrap it or even reform it. These are the reasons, to launch pilots instead of introducing permanent programs.

The last federal program to be launched permanently was the Federal Skilled Trades Program in 2013.

Pilots Before 2019

Before 2019, the government had launched three pilots which were the Start-up Visa Pilot for innovative entrepreneurs in Canada.  It became permanent during 2018. It had two features of enabling Canada in attracting entrepreneurial immigrants who had top characteristics in human capital. The other feature was that the intake numbers were low, and a few hundred immigrants arrived through. Also, it did not attract the immigration candidates of the highest caliber as business incubators or private investors who could recruit immigrants in the program.  Also, many of the SUV immigrants prefer going to Toronto and Vancouver, and this is harmful to promote innovation in all regions of Canada.

The Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Fund Pilot 

The Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Fund pilot was launched in 2015 for welcoming immigrant investors. There was limited interest, and the government stopped to accept applications in it.

In 2017, there was an Atlantic Immigration Pilot to welcome immigrants in Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, and also in New Brunswick. It was a successful pilot and has attracted 4,000 immigrants. Furthermore, as per a new letter of the mandate, the new immigration minister indicates that the government will initiate steps to make it the permanent program with the availability of 5,000 places every year.

New pilots in 2019

The federal government In January 2019 launched a Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot. At present eleven communities in Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and Alberta take part in it, to attract as well as retain newcomers. In February 2019, two new pilots were launched for caregivers. These provide caregivers a more direct path to get permanent residence. There is an assessment of Candidates for their eligibility to get the PR while applying. Also, the caregivers get work permits specific to an occupation enabling them to change the employers, protecting them from employer abuse. Children and their partners can also join Caregivers. Employers also do not need the Labor Market Impact Assessment for hiring caregivers.

The Agricultural Food Immigration Pilot

The Agricultural Food Immigration Pilot began in July 2019. The Agricultural food sector is important for the Canadian economy and there are constant labor shortages.  The pilot will run for three years and aims to attract newcomers to fill vacancies in industries like meat processing as well as mushroom farming.

Two New Federal Pilots In 2020

The proposed pilots in this year are the Municipal Nominee Program seeking to complement on hand federal pilots as well as the Provincial Nominee Program to promote the broad distribution of immigration in the country. Also, there will be a launch of another Rural Pilot Program.

The federal and provincial governments in Canada presently offer 80 economic category pathways that welcome immigrants and promote economic development in many ways.

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