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Great Initiative by California State Government for Health Coverage
Posted on: 05 Jan 2018  |   Tags: study abroad , visa and immigration , work abroad ,

A new bill proposed by California lawmakers shows that, citizens or not, the USA will care for its occupants. The proposal, which announced recently, makes a provision for healthcare for undocumented immigrants in the state. It involves the removal of the standard legal residency requirement to avail California's version of the Medicaid program, Medi-Cal. The program was previously given to youth under the age of 19 years but now extends to even the undocumented immigrants. The proposal comes with a host of other provisions, which aims at uplifting the underprivileged members of the society. Social services are apparently taken very seriously by the state of California, and according to this new proposal, California could be spending nearly $1 billion on healthcare for the immigrants. The Obamacare program was the reason for the reduction in the rate of uninsured Californians lately, but it still couldn't ensure a hundred percent insurance rate. About seven percent remain uninsured, a majority of them being undocumented immigrants. The federal government policy is the same, and these immigrants are still not eligible for the healthcare services funded by them. The new proposal is state-specific, and the burden of covering the cost of healthcare for undocumented immigrants and those who don't have legal residency yet is to be borne by the California state government. The federal government of US does cover about 95 percent of the cost of Medical, which amounts to most of the people with legal residency or citizenship in the USA. However, the rest of the cost, covering the other residents and immigrants must be covered by California. This may prove to be a bit of a problem for the state's legislators, but the initiative of healthcare is an excellent step in the right direction, and a testament to the value California has placed on human life and well-being.

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