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How Canada Express Entry Works

Express Entry is the system to manage economic immigration intake in Canada. It selects the best candidates for existing skilled worker immigration programs of the country.

The Programs Covered by Canada Express Entry:

Streams under Canada Provincial Nomination Programs

In it the aspirants submit a profile online which is self-assessed to the Express Entry Pool which has a score using a Comprehensive Ranking System. Such Points are based on factors like work experience, education, age, and language ability. It gives points also for a secured qualified job offer as well as for the provincial nomination. The candidates who have the top scores get the Invitations to apply seeking permanent residence through the periodic draws, which are conducted every two weeks. After receiving the ITA, a candidate gets 60 days to send their application seeking permanent residence to a program. In case of failure to meet this deadline, the ITA has no validity. The scheduled processing time for applications received in Express Entry normally is six months, and it is achieved for 85 percent cases.

Reasons for Canada Launching the Express Entry

In 2015 Canada launched the ambitious Express Entry to move from the time based immigration system to another in which select candidates had the brightest chance of success. Since then it has become an example to the entire world to run a flexible economic immigration system. Moreover, by making a few simple changes in its CRS, the government can use immigration as a tool for responding to the changes in the economy and in the labor market. Since 2015, there were two major changes to the CRS. In November 2016, the system reduced points for the job offer and also introduced some points for receiving education in Canada. In June 2016, extra points were introduced for ability in advanced French language and also in case there was a sibling in the country. Presently, the government can easily make the necessary changes in the system as a response to the demands.

The Advantages of Express Entry

  • Ability for quick and efficient alteration to the program based on economic compulsions,
  • Alignment of the immigration intake with labor market necessities.
  • Candidates can work for score improvement and achieving an Invitation to Apply.
  • Offering a realistic picture of immigration prospects of a candidate.
  • Reduction in processing times by prioritizing the candidates who can be successful.
  • A flexible immigration policy of CRS changes and draws specific to a program.

Is it Applicable to Quebec?

Express Entry Is not Applicable to Quebec. Quebec is set to launch its Expression of Interest in August 2018. The candidate with a high score from an Expression of Interest Bank will get the invitation to apply for the Quebec Selection Certificate.  

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