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Increase in Popularity Of UK Tier 4 Visa Among Indian Students

UK Tier 4 Visa

Among the topmost three countries that send the majority of students India witnessed the best ever increase for applications in the Tier 4 student visas in the UK. India was behind China in the numbers for receiving the student visas, and the US was at the third place.

The statistics

An official of the Visas and Immigration, of the UK Home Office stated that the total of the Indian student visas was 21,500. China had 1,00,000 visas and the US had 15,000 Tier-4 visas For the April 2018 -March 2019 period.

The exit of Britain from the EU had no impact on these Indian visa applications. In fact there was a steady increase in their numbers.

Moreover, during the last three years, there was a substantial increase in the applications seeking the student visa. The popularity of this visa was visible in Delhi and Mumbai that generated the maximum applicants. In the southern states also, while there was considerable demand in comparison to other states.

There was a positive feature also. The rate of rejections of Tier-4 visas went down to 4% now. In comparison to the past it was 20% in 2010.

The acceptance rate

Another feature in the past was the stress on taking an interview, for the people who applied for the Tier-4 visas, but now it is not required.  This especially benefits the students who get ready for their visa process in the period of July - August, he added.

Finally, the acceptance rate for the applications of students of Indian origin was 96%. In 98% cases, the stage of processing was over within 15 days. The success of the Indians, who hope to get the option for the post-study work, heavily depends on the political factors that have an impact on the relations between the two countries. For present the situation is promising and will cater to the demands of the students.

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