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Indian Doctors Rallying to Remove Tier 2 Visa Cap in UK

British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin started a campaign called Scrap the Cap to urge the UK government to remove tier 2 visa cap. The limit has kept thousands of highly talented doctors and nurses from National Health Service. A representative of the association said that the doctors on the list, who can come to the United Kingdom on a temporary basis to fulfill the National Health Service demand and get trained internationally in return. However, there's no way the doctors will be able to come to the United Kingdom because of the monthly cap. British Medical Journal is currently running an online campaign which already received 1,000 signatures, to allow international doctors to work in the United Kingdom. Ramesh Mehta, president, BAPIO, said that they are wholeheartedly supporting the campaign. The government needs to take on a common sense approach and rather than continuing with a rigid cap system, should implement a system that is flexible and meets needs of the National Health Service. Mehta said that the Home Office's current immigration policy is disastrous because NHS is currently lacking more than 10,000 doctors and nurses, which can be filled up by Indian doctors. BAPIO supports a program in which doctors are brought to the United Kingdom on a temporary basis, fill the demand and learn internationally and sent back to India to avoid brain damage as the home country is in need of doctors as well. Writing the letter to the Home Secretary British Medical Association, NHS employers, and 12 medical colleges jointly wrote a letter to Sajid Javid requesting him to exempt doctors and nurses from the tier 2 visa cap. Chaand Nagpaul, chairperson, British Medical Association said that it doesn't make sense to turn away non - EU doctors when the NHS is currently struggling and under a lot of pressure.

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