Industrial Engineering Student Receives National Honor Society Scholarship

Grace McGee is a student of the University of Arkansas and studies industrial engineering. Because of her hard work and dedication to education, she received the Robert and Jean Dryden Service Scholarship, which was presented by Alpha Pi Mu Honor Society. The scholarship was started in the memory of Robert D Dryden, former head of Grado Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Virginia Tech.

Only five of these scholarships are given in the US and to get it, the person either needs to be a member of the Alpha Pi Mu Honor Society or an industrial engineering student. McGee is a leader in her own right and has lead many programs and groups at the university ever since she joined. During her program, McGee completed three internships during which she worked as a reliability engineer and supplier quality improvement engineer. But what stands out about her is that she spent the semester in South Africa starting May 2017. When she was in freshman year, McGee received the Outstanding Freshman Award.

Then in spring 2017, she received the Harold & Inge Marcus Scholarship from Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers. After that, she received the Taft-O’Neal-Geels Senior Scholarship from Arkansas Academy of Industrial Engineering. McGee strongly relates to the field of industrial engineering, and that’s why chose to go ahead with the field. She enjoys being able to work with others and do good for the environment.

Visiting Ireland

She is planning to spend some time in Ireland starting fall 2018 where she will work with underprivileged children and teens and help them develop technical and social skills. McGee said that industrial engineering involves the study of systems and throughout her college life, her teachers and alumni of the department have served as her support system. Alpha Pi Mu Honor Society brings together industrial engineering students and experts and has been doing so since 1952.

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