International Tourism Expedition in Malawi

In a bid to enhance the tourism industry of Malawi, its Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism will be hosting the Takulandirani Malawi Tourism Exposition International at the Bingu International Convention Centre (Bicc) in Lilongwe from August 30 to September 1, 2017.

The international expo will focus on the implementation of the recommendations of the first National Tourism Conference and will look at ways to promote tourism as one of the key factors for pulling up the economic growth of Malawi. Moreover, the expo aims to promote the indigenous products of Malawi to buyers from various regions and nations via pre-expo tours for attracting people to the sought-after sights of the country. The Expo will be open for public viewing from the 3rd day.

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The Director of Tourism Malawi, Isaac Katopola affirmed the aim of the expo being the promotion of tourism-based products in centrally arranged settings for attracting domestic as well as international tourists and regional visitors. They will also arrange a one-on-one interaction between the product creators and the people so as to best showcase what Malawi tourism has to offer.

He also asserted that the Tourism Department would be organising these expos every year as this is what helps countries with high tourism potential to boost this particular avenue which will then have a positive effect on the economy. Moreover, he also said that Malawi is the only one of the two nations in the Southern Africa Development Community which does not organise expos.

The owner of Misuku Expeditions- a company organising tours, safaris and mountain expeditions-John Kabwilo, asserted that such expos would create opportunities for smaller ventures to market themselves and promote their enterprises as it becomes challenging to attend expos organised outside the country due to the exorbitant participation fees. This is a venture that might be extremely successful.

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