International Tourism Market Growing in Australia

The tourism sector in Australia’s confines continues to be a beacon of light for the nation’s economy with unprecedented growth in both domestic and international tourist visitors as per Deloitte Access Economics’ latest Tourism and Hotel Market Outlook report.

The setbacks in Australia’s economical growth were eased marginally with the raise in the Australian dollar and record international tourist arrivals after a prior surge in 2016. This is the fastest growth rate in a whole generation- both global performance as well as tourism across the Asia Pacific have improved significantly. Moreover, the number of international visitors to Australia is growing at a rate of 3 times the global travel figures.

According to Bryon Merzeo from Deloitte Access Economics, the Australian Tourism industry is performing remarkably and has fastest growth of travel and tourism among all its global competitors. Although the tourism sector in Asian destinations is surpassing Australia’s tourism growth, the yardstick of measuring Australia’s tourism growth was Asian visitations which have dropped to 50% from a previously impressive 70% in 2016. Although the Asian travel destinations which include China, India, South Korea and Vietnam recorded an impressive growth in the tourism sector- Australia’s performance cannot be ignored.

In domestic travel, Australia continues to make progress with a growth in 8.2 percent in the field of leisure travel with the sixth consecutive year recording a growth in this avenue. This can be attributed to the successful promotional initiatives in the areas of food, wine and coastal tourism alike.

This growth has prompted the Australian authorities to set up more hotels in the prominent tourist spots in the country.

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