Intl MBAs Can Still Make Big In The US

The United States of America is in a chaotic state right now. Many international students fear not getting jobs amidst the Trump drama. However, international MBA students from Ohio State University are getting jobs in big companies like Amazon, IBM, and Apple. Around 93 percent of the university’s graduates get jobs in three months of graduation. For the last 10 years, the college has exceeded a rate of 90 percent.

Many students are in a dilemma whether to not do an MBA from the US after Trump’s announcements about H-1B visa and nonimmigrant working visa. Jeff Rice, executive director, Office of Career Management, feels there are many reasons to be positive. All their graduates have skills that add value to the company they get hired in. For an international student to get selected, he should have expertise in three subjects – industry, geography, and function.

International students have an upper hand than local students. They have cultural knowledge, that is considered a strong point while selecting a new hire. These international MBAs know the immigration policy as well because they’ve gone through it themselves.

Source Masters Portal

Too early to say if Donald Trump has affected international MBAs

Jeff Rice feels it is too early to determine the effect Donald Trump will have on international MBA students. IT engineers are on Trump’s target. There might not have any negative effect on permanent residency as well. International students are aware that Trump’s administration is not planning to expand immigration policies.

MBA students are aiming at finding internships at big companies or becoming research assistants. These people aren’t affected by any immigration laws. This also makes it easier to get permanent residency. They can also go back to their hometown and work with US companies that have offices there. Because they’ve studied in the US, they are sure to get very high paying jobs even in their home countries.

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