Ireland Is A Growing International Destination for Studying English

More and more international students from all across the globe are showing an ever increasing interest in studying the English language in Ireland. According to Marketing English in Ireland, international students enrolled in English language programs increased by eight percent during 2017 – 18 academic year compared to the previous one. Even though last year’s increase was highest, there has been some amount of positive growth for the past five years. English Language Training sector of Ireland welcomed more than 30,000 international students between 2013 and 2018.

David O’Grady, CEO, Marketing English in Ireland, said that they take great pride in the diverse programs that are offered in their schools and colleges, which attracts students from all around the world to Ireland, to study and experience the unique Irish culture. It illustrates Ireland’s reputation internationally as a quality destination for studying the English language. Marketing English in Ireland is a leading international association of English language schools in Ireland. More than 66 percent of schools and colleges in Ireland are a part of the program.

Growing statistics

O’Grady added that in September 2017 students from 118 countries came to study English under the Marketing English in Ireland program, an increase from 85 countries in 2015. Most numbers of international students came from European Union and European Economic Area as they constituted 74 percent of total global student strength. 96,000 students were from these two regions. 24,500 students or 19 percent came from non-European Union countries but don’t need a study permit to study in Ireland. These countries include South Korea, Japan, and Brazil.

8,750 students or seven percent were from non-European Union countries which need a visa to study in Ireland, including China, India, Saudi Arabia, and Russia. MEI is also working with Department of Education so that their aim of welcoming 132,500 international students to study the English language by 2020.

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