Japanese Government Offers Scholarships in Six Categories

Filipino students have been studying in Japan for the past 54 years and to honor that relationship, the Japanese government offers more than 100 scholarships in six different categories. These categories include Japanese Studies Scholarship, Teacher Training Scholarship, Research Student Scholarship, Undergraduate Student Scholarship, College of Technology Scholarship, and Specialized Training Scholarship. Now that most of the students have received their approval letters, it is time to look out for scholarships.

Those who are interested can visit the Japan Information and Culture Center of your nearest Embassy of Japan or visit their website online. The application submission deadline is on May 18, 2018, so make sure your application reaches to them will within time. Download the application and print it on an A4-sized paper. Make sure to attach all the required documents because if the application is incomplete, it will be rejected. Once your application is shortlisted, you will be called for document screening, written exam, and an interview.

The scholarships mentioned above have many conditions. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Research Student Scholarship
  • Should be a college graduate with minimum 16 years of education
  • Clear and feasible research proposal
  • High scores in academics
  • Should be below 35 years of age
  • Fields of research for which you can apply are Social sciences, Humanities, and Natural Sciences
  • Period of study should be between two to five years
  1. Undergraduate Student Scholarship
  • Should be a high school graduate
  • Good academic standing
  • Should be between 17-24 years of age
  • Applicable for those engaging in five years of study
  • Should belong to Social sciences, Humanities, and Natural Sciences field
  1. Specialized Training College Student Scholarship
  • High school graduate
  • Good academic standing
  • Should be between 17-24 years of age
  • Should engage in three years of study

Can be from any of these fields – Technology, Personal care and nutrition, Education and welfare, Business, Fashion and home, economics, Culture, and general education.

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