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Quebec immigration applicants who have previously obtained a Quebec Certificate of Selection (C.S.Q) face higher wait times to have their cases accepted due to reduced immigration quotas. There are 41,200 candidates in the system previously approved for Quebec immigration, although the Coalition Avenir Quebec (C.A.Q) resolution to decrease quotas indicates higher wait times. Previously approved applicants are different from the 18,000 files expecting to process for the Quebec Skilled Worker program, which the government CAQ wants to scrap. Candidates with a C.S.Q in hand should go to the federal government to appeal for permanent residence. Federal executives complete criminal record inspections and medical examinations before announcing approval. Since 2015, Quebec has asked the federal government approves 25,000 cases per year. However, below the C.A.Q government, this number has declined to 19,500 for the year 2019. It indicates that with higher than 41,000 accepted applicants in the system, some will have to wait longer than 02 years for their applications of permanent residence to be processed. While a Quebec judge this week said the CAQ it had to resume processing appeals for the Quebec Skilled Worker program below the current rules. As per the judge’s conclusion, the Quebec immigration ministry (MIDI), announced a statement stating it would start processing appeals. The decision happened after the CAQ’s try to reject 18,000 current applications while it attempts to pass its contemporary immigration law. Bill 9 would view the applications canceled collectively. Quebec is mired in dispute as higher than 45,000 people including primary applicants and their spouses, dependents, who applied below the Quebec Skilled Worker Program, expect to process of their unfinished applications. Some date as long as ten years.

Resolution to Candidates with Pending Applications

Evidence given implies that MIDI will unlikely result in more than 1,000 permissions from the pending applications pool for the rest of the year 2019. Many of the appeals in the backlog have old documents or do not satisfy more stringent reforms put into place in Aug 2018. The vast majority of the 18,000 pending candidates, who are outside Quebec, will not get any relief from the present judgment. Once the law finally comes into force, most candidates who have not announced approvals by that date will find their applications canceled below Bill 9. Please follow us to Career Overseas newsletters to know latest information and updates about Visa and Immigration. We request you to take our free evaluation to see whether you will be suitable or not and it will give new options available.

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