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Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program Successfully Completed 20 Years

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (M.P.N.P), the initial Canada Provincial Nominee Program, has achieved two decades of its continuation. The MPNP program was started with an intention to enable the Manitoba province to call immigrants, who have the abilities and skills to cater to the financial needs and preferences of the province, for Canada permanent residence. M.P.N.P started in 1998 was a trailblazer for different Canada provinces and territories. Across these 20 years, Manitoba has welcomed higher than 130,000 immigrants by M.P.N.P.

Achievements of Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

Ever since its beginning in 1998, M.P.N.P has been the primary driver of the population and economic growth of the Manitoba province. It is expected that the economic growth of the Manitoba province would have been 30% lesser if the participation of the immigrants is not there. The investor immigrants who received permanent residence by the Manitoba Business streams have invested about CAD 308 million in this province so far. Furthermore, 90 percent of the immigrants to this province got hired less than one year and the same percent of the immigrants established in the province.

Developments in the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

Over the twenty years since its beginning, Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program experienced so many variations to adjust itself to the uncertain times. New pathways and streams were joined to the program during these years.

M.P.N.P Presently has Four Streams and Different Pathways:

Skilled Worker Overseas Stream
  • Express Entry Pathway
  • Human Capital Pathway
Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream
  • Work Experience Pathway
  • Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway
International Education Stream
  • Career Employment Pathway
Business Investor Stream
  • Entrepreneur Pathway
  • Farm Investor Pathway
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