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Methods to Qualify New Saskatchewan and Quebec EOI Immigration Systems

Saskatchewan and Quebec have a proposal to adopt an immigration system based on the Expression of Interest like other provinces of Canada. Moreover, from July 16, 2018, its two International Skilled Worker streams initiated operations by using E.O.I. The applicants can now submit a profile to the S.I.N.P and also enter an E.O.I pool. Consequently, they will get the invitation to Apply for Saskatchewan immigration through one stream. Quebec will also begin its E.O.I model on August 2nd, 2018. The system will operate like the federal Express Entry system. Moreover, Applicants have to present an E.O.I and enter the pool where the profiles with the best score will get the invitation to apply for a Quebec Certificate of Selection in the Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

Quebec Expression of Interest

Applicants submit an online expression of interest profile to the Ministry of Immigration.
  1. Profiles enter a pool, where they receive a rank.
  2. The applicants getting a high rank will get an I.T.A for a Selection of Quebec Certificate in the Quebec Skilled Worker Program.
  3. There will be periodic draws, for inviting applicants to apply to get the Quebec certificate of selection.
  4. Applicants get 90 days for submitting a full application.
  5. Finally, the Approved applicants can appeal for Canadian P.R.

Quebec Expression of Interest Requirements

Applicants get a rank for their language ability, education, age, work experience, and time spent in Quebec. The officials examine qualifications of spouse or partner of a candidate. Quebec has a list of High Demand Occupations and Areas of Training for assessment.

Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker Streams

  1. Occupations in Demand
  2. Saskatchewan Express Entry

Saskatchewan Expression of Interest System

  • The profiles are valid for one year from the day of submission.
  • Applicants can present a single profile only.
  • They get a rank based on the listed information.
  • The applicants receiving a high rank get the invitation for submitting a full application.
  • All communication takes place through email.
  • Applicants have to assure that their profile is correct.

Saskatchewan Expression of Interest Process

  1. E.O.I profile Submission.
  2. Entering E.O.I candidate pool.
  3. E.O.I candidates Selection.
  4. Declaring Invitations to Apply.
  5. Presenting full application in 60 days.
  6. S.I.N.P officials evaluate applications and take a judgment.

International Skilled Worker – Occupations In-Demand Category Requirements

  • Scoring 60 out of 100 on the point evaluation grid.
  • The minimum Language Score C.L.B 4.
  • Post-secondary education, training or apprenticeship relative to the Canadian standards and earning a certificate, diploma, or degree.
  • One-year work experience in the last ten years in the profession
  • Getting a proper license in Saskatchewan in the scenario of field requirement.
  • Proof of settlement funds and a settlement plan.
  • Qualification for Saskatchewan’s Express Entry Stream
Applicants from outside Canada, or those who have legal status in Canada, suit in this category.

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