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Montreal has a good Demand for a set of Occupations

As per the new report of the Quebec Government Computer Engineers, Nurses, and Heavy Equipment Mechanics have a good demand in Montreal. Many candidates having the necessary experience and qualification in these fields can also succeed in immigration to Canada.


Additionally, it needs the services of
  • Computer programmers
  • Interactive media developers,
  • Insurance adjusters,
  • Aerospace engineers,
  • Retail and wholesale managers and finally
  • Paramedics, as per the Balance of the Labor Market report.
There is a likelihood of shortage to continue in several sectors until 2021. Furthermore, the Experts state there will be a big demand for skilled/unskilled labor in Montreal and also across the Province.

Hiring many new workers

Technology companies are hiring many new workers, but the labor is not available sufficiently.  Many companies are also sourcing immigration candidates from overseas, in the federal programs. There is a huge demand for unskilled roles in retail sales also. The prospects are good for them because of a steady increase in wages. The sectors seeing shortages are restaurants, construction hospitality, and transport.

Statistics of the Federal government

Moreover, the statistics of the Federal government show that job vacancies in Quebec have increased in comparison to other provinces during the past 12 months. The recent figures pose a question to the current Quebec government.  It assumed power in October 2018, on the campaign pledge for reducing the immigration levels.   Subsequently, it brought the 2019 immigration levels plan, reducing the number of immigrants by 10,000, for this year.  Industrial Employers of the province rely on immigration as a means to address the severe labor shortage.

Increase in job availability

Nationwide, there was an increase in the job availability reaching 551,000 in the third quarter last year. Additionally, the increase was 83,000 in that period in 2017. The increase in Quebec was 31,000 vacancies and in Ontario 22,000. Finally, British Columbia had the figure of 18,000. Presently, the increase in job vacancies in Quebec is 35.5 percent which reflects that employers in the province are struggling to fill up positions. The provincial government is also continuing with a plan for reducing immigration in 2019, ignoring the need for more workers.

2019 Quebec Immigration Levels Plan

2018 2019
Economic Class 31,200 23,450
Family Class 11,700 8,900
Refugees 9,400 6,950
The provincial increase was also sizable in manufacturing, employment sector, health care, social assistance; accommodation and food services. Officials visited Paris for recruiting French citizens to tackle the labor shortage in Quebec.

Attracting French citizens

Moreover, Representatives of the Union of Quebec Municipalities participated in an international fair for recruitment. They had the aim of promoting the province as an attractive destination for skilled immigrants. Their booth carried the slogan of needing the immigrants urgently. Furthermore, there are 100,000 vacant jobs in Quebec. Skilled immigration in the province is a fine strategy for solving the problem of labor shortage. Quebec can draw skilled workers from France because it has a fine infrastructure, political stability, and good working conditions.

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