New Zealander Teacher Eagerly Looking for UK Tier-2 Visa

Lucy Ferguson, a New Zealander teacher from England, had to leave the country because her visa wasn’t extended when the United Kingdom government changed criteria for her visa extension. Ferguson was in England doing a job she loves for almost two years. The school is worked at even wrote a letter of staff shortage and offered letter of sponsorship to Ferguson, but that wasn’t enough for British Immigration Department.

The 25-years old is an Oamaru native and was working at Buxton School, Leytonstone, Greater London as a Year 4 teacher for the last couple years. Ferguson said that she is in a limbo. She wants to continue working, but since her tier 5 youth mobility visa has come to an end, she will have to leave Great Britain, a place she has completely fallen in love with. Ferguson has built a fantastic life for herself in England living with her British partner and working at the school. Now that her tier 5 visa has ended, she has to switch to tier 2 for which she needs 21 points to qualify. However, since its demand has increased since December 2017, the minimum points now required are 50 points.

Help from students and MP

Ferguson currently has 31 points, and if Buxton School wants to hire her, they have to keep posting the vacancy every six months until the UK government tells to prove her worth. One of her students also started an online petition to help her stay, which received 10,000 signs. The same student also contacted John Cryer, MP for Leyton and Wanstead who requested the Minister of State for Immigration to give Ferguson the tier 2 visa.

England is going through a national shortage of school teachers, which means the government has absolutely had no reason not to give the visa to Ferguson. It only proves that the current government is anti-immigration and doesn’t keep the country’s needs in demands.

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