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Nova Scotia Labor Market Priorities Draw Targets Candidates Speaking French

Nova Scotia Labor Market Priorities Draw

Nova Scotia immigration conducted a draw on Sep 4th with the aim of attracting Candidates Speaking French in the provincial Labor Market Priorities stream that is linked to Express Entry. It issued 204 LOIs to the candidates who scored CLB level 8 in French covering all the language abilities. Furthermore, the Candidates had to get CLB 6 covering all the language abilities in English. The candidates receiving the letters in the Nominee Program get 30 days for submitting the completed application.

Draw Requirements in Nova Scotia Labor Market Priorities stream

Candidates had to:

  • Select French as the first official language and CLB level 8 in French covering all the language abilities.
  • Select English as the second official language and CLB level 8 in English covering all the language abilities.
  • Get the bachelor’s degree or complete the program covering three years at a college, university, technical school or trade school.
  • Possess the Express Entry number that is valid and also meet criteria of IRCC for the EE pool.

The General Requirements for Provincial Labor Market Priorities

Candidates need to:

  • Get a LOI from the Provincial Nominee Program in the Express Entry.
  • Meet the work experience norms in Express Entry as per their qualifying
  • Show enough funds to successfully establish self as well as family and for the payment of travel and immigration expenses
  • Possess the legal status in the domicile country where they stay
  • Meet existing eligibility criteria when they receive the Letter of Interest.

Nova Scotia immigration goes ahead

For the Labor Market Priorities stream, it was the fifth draw, besides it was also the second to target the French-speakers specifically.

During 2019 Nova Scotia issued 1,124 Letters of Interest to candidates in this stream that was opened in Aug 2018 to allow flexibility to Nova Scotia in attracting candidates and occupations by using the Nova Scotia Nominee Program.

The earlier Draws aimed to attract Early Childhood Educators/Assistants in NOC 4214 and Financial Auditors and Accountants in NOC 1111.

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