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Nova Scotia set to Target Financial Auditors and Accountants in the new Draw

In the new draw on January 24, 2019, Nova Scotia aims to attract Accountants and Financial Auditors with an Express Entry score of 400 only.   The Labor Market Priorities draw requires candidates having the experience of five years in the targeted occupations, figuring in NOC 1111.

Requirements for Draw

  • Candidates should have a profile in NOC 1111, category submitted to the EE pool on July 1, 2018.
  • Also a CRS score in the range of 400 -450.
  • Holding a bachelor’s degree or completing a program of three years at a university/college, or a trade/technical school.
  • Having a CLB score of 7 in English/French for writing, speaking, reading and listening and finally,
  • Also, they must Have experience in work for five years in the NOC 0, A or B. furthermore they also need to provide letters of reference issued by employers to give a proof of work experience in NOC 1111.

Attracting specified occupations

Nova Scotia immigration launched this LMP in August 2018 allowing the province to attract specified occupations for immigration. Candidates had to also meet specific requirements like settlement funds and work experience. The authorities will issue Letters of interest to the candidates who figure in the EE Pool and also have enough experience in the target occupation. The General Requirements for Nova Scotia LMP

Candidates need to have:

  • A Letter of Interest from the Provincial Nominee Program in the EE system.
  • Minimum work experience requirements of the EE stream for which they qualify.
  • Show enough funds to establish them their family successfully in Nova Scotia and also for paying the travel expenses and immigration costs.
  • Have legal status in the present country of residence
  • Finally, they have to meet the eligibility criteria at the time of issuing the Letter of Interest.
This is the second draw of the LMP stream. The occupation targeted first was NOC 4214 for the Early Childhood Educators/Assistants. Furthermore, the Letters of Interest were sent out on Aug 8, 2018.

Seven streams

The province presently operates seven streams for immigration. These are:
  1. Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry
  2. Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry
  3. Nova Scotia Labor Market Priorities
  4. Skilled Worker
  5. Physician
  6. Entrepreneur
  7. International Graduate Entrepreneur
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