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NZ Lifts Post-study Work Permit Rules for Intl Students

The New Zealand government is seriously considering the idea of making changes to its post-study work permit program to prevent exploitation of international workers. Alastair McClymont, immigration lawyer from New Zealand, feels that heat needs to be turned up on dodgy education providers as well. Ideally, it is the government’s responsibility to ensure quality of education is maintained and policies aren’t exploiting overseas students. It is only about taking the simple way by withdrawing those type of courses. A major change in policy announced by the government of New Zealand includes international students no more requiring to be sponsored by an employer to get the post-study work permit. Currently, since students were bound to those employers, they would treat them badly and make them work longer hours. However, McClymont feels there’s another issue. He said that many people in the country, especially in Auckland are doing unskilled jobs. Since they are getting paid well enough, they don’t go to college, which might lead them to shut down. Iain Lees-Galloway, immigration minister, recently announced that low-quality tertiary providers will be attacked by the change in policy. He said in an interview that if they are in a business pretending to provide education to rort the immigration system, there are in trouble. It is reported that the changes might cause the education sector to lose anywhere between $260 million to $4.5 billion NZD. The education department will be closing courses that are low-quality and aren’t helping the students.

Few proposed changes are

  1. Allowing people who have non-degree level 7 or below qualifications access to post-study work permit
  2. Three-year work permit for those who degree level 7 or above qualifications
  3. International students studying for level 8 or 9 qualifications should do so in Long Term Skills Shortage List if they want their partner or spouse to get open work permit and children get free education at school.

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